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Every day we notice the effects of the changing climate. Environmental awareness of the planet is therefore increasingly considered a norm from both society and business. After all, the planet concerns us all.

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive is part of the European Green Deal. This is a set of measures to combat the climate crisis and, together with the EU, reduce net greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2050. Or also: to become climate neutral. Europe therefore stipulates that companies will have to independently report on the impact of their activities on people and the environment, depending on the size of the company from 2025, 2026 or 2027.

So, more than ever, companies are looking to the future with a sustainable outlook.


We change tomorrow's world through the choices we make today

That is the mission of sustainability we embody with the BossCover Circular System. We strongly believe in the balance between economic results and taking care of our planet. In fact, we believe that investing in people and the environment today will lead to positive economic results in the medium term. Because, by giving back to the planet, the world becomes a more beautiful place for everyone. 

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Discover the roof of the future

The BossCover Circular System was conceived from this sustainability philosophy: a circular roof that can be entirely disassembled and reused.

The waterproofing membrane of our EPDM roof system is mechanically fixed and clicked into the base tie-in using the patented BossCover Certefix profile. The roof edge is secured by using a patented edge profile. No adhesives and primers are used! This means that both the roof and the system components can be disassembled, and the integral roof can be given a second life without being damaged.

The result? A remarkably sturdy roof, storm-resistant, with the lowest environmental impact and an exceptionally long lifespan.


All components of the roof system are mechanically anchored and/or clicked into place. They can be given a second life undamaged.


EPDM is the waterproofing material with the lowest environmental impact (NIBE score). Moreover, the BossCover Circular System does not involve the use of any adhesive.


Full mechanical enchoring makes the roof system resistant to extreme weather conditions.


The installation of the BossCover Circular System is easy and fast as the components are prefabricated.


The click system that prevents waste

And that for every surface!

The BossCover Circular System consists of several parts that make up one system where all the elements are coordinated. There is no glue or flame involved. The components are mechanically anchored to any substrate. Both in the bilge and on the eaves, they are snapped in place by our patented system. 

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This is how we proceed

Circular Ballasted System

The roof membrane is loose-laid on the roof and then covered with ballast. The remaining system components are mechanically anchored.

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Circular Mechanical System

The roof membrane is mechanically attached to the roof using the Circular Mechanical System. The remaining system components are also mechanically anchored.

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Certefix system

With the Certefix system, we introduce a click system whereby the roof waterproofing membrane is fixed into the angle of the perimeter wall of the roof without adhesive or piercing the membrane.

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The roof edge profile

In combination with the Certefix system, the roof edge trim allows to fix the EPDM membrane both on the roof edge and on the upstand wall without using any adhesive or piercing the roofing membrane.

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A new environment-friendly world of possibilities

The new dismountable and reusable roof fits perfectly into the new trends of flexible and modular construction.

Adding an extra floor to a home or building becomes easy and sustainable. You can disassemble an entire roof and then assemble it on the next floor. This makes it possible to realize future building dreams in several stages or to make the building flexible and adaptable to changing needs.

You can also use the BossCover Circular System to anticipate any additional insulation standards in the future. If you wish to increase the insulation content at a later date, you can easily remove the membrane, add insulation and then reinstall the membrane.

DEBATE circular flat roof

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In early 2023, we launched the BossCover Circular System, the first circular flat roof system. We organized an inspiring debate about it on March 2, moderated by VRT news anchor Riadh Bahri. Re-view the debate via the button below!

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